Card Players
Late Afternoon Swim
Still Life in Window Seat
Lemon Light
Spotted Gum and Pampas
Bush Ephemerals
Echinacea garden
Bush Natives
Spotted Gum
Perennial Echinacea

Working with oil paint, brushes and a canvas, enables me to convey how I view my surroundings, natural and man-made and in domestic and recreational settings.


Using traditional oil painting techniques and regularly painting from direct observation, my subject matter will be familiar; a natural landscape, an Australian beach scene as well as interiors compositions, florals and still life. 

As my work evolves I'm drawn to the geometric, abstract shapes of colour that interplay with planes of natural light and shadow. This is becoming a more prominent element of my finished paintings.

You can view my work here and follow my Insta page @kazbrockart for latest updates.

Current exhibitions:-

5 Year Anniversary Exhibition- Diversarty Gallery, Cromer, June 2022

National Emerging Art Prize, ACB Selects Exhibition February 2022 

Land & Sea Exhibition, Diversarty Gallery, Cromer, March 2022

Reach out for more information about my artworks and process.

karen brock