Deep Creek Billabong - Garigal Country

Deep Creek Billabong - Garigal Country

Oil on primed hemp/cotton canvas.

45cm x 55cm

Framed with a Natural Timber Float Frame

I painted this for the My Place exhibition , an online exhibition in December 2020 containing the works of 50 emerging Australian landscape artists.

The Deep Creek reserve is a few minutes from my home and its where I bring my dogs to cool down on hot days in Summer.

The billabong winds away from Narrabeen Lake; a haven for native bird and marine life. Eels spawn here I'm told which is a bit concerning when my Ridgeback wades in up to his neck. He's a big dog and probablty eels stay well clear. 

Deep Creek is part of Garigal country and was a campsite for the Koori people. particularly around the 1950's and is a place for future generations to return. Once the Narrabeen Sports Academy was established, sadly the camp was no more.

When I paint here, there is an eery stillness that is unsettling, however my usually timid Ridgeback always stands by my side whenever anyone arrives at the reserve.